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Canada & US, Aviator Watches, Aviation Inspired Gifts, Nautical Instruments – Trintec Industries Inc.

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Introducing The ZULU-07 Pro
 Born In A Cockpit. Built For Men.
Check out our ZULU Series Aviator Watches!
Aviator Watches

• Aviator watches & clocks
• Aviation design inspired gifts
• Quality made nautical instruments
• Marine barometers, thermometers & weather stations
• Ships internationally, including Canada & USA

Trintec Industries Inc. was founded in 1984 as a manufacturer of unique aviation inspired clocks, watches and advertising products. Over the years the company has expanded from being primarily aviation focused and has developed numerous products which include a large selection of precision barometers and nautical instruments. The company holds more than two dozen United States and Canadian Patents and develops and manufactures most of its products at its Ajax, Ontario location. Trintec also produces many products licensed by the Cessna and Lockheed aircraft companies and currently sells its products to many of the worlds largest aircraft manufacturers and aerospace companies.

The Original Instrument Inspired Watch first produced by Trintec was based on a Design Patent issued to Brendon Nunes, Founder of Trintec Industries, in 1987. US Design Patent #D288,412 (filed July 1984, issued February 24, 1987) featured a clock which was inspired by an Aircraft Instrument particularly an Aircraft Altimeter.

Trintec Industries creates beautiful time pieces with an aviation inspired design. Our aviator watches match the design of aviation instruments, and make the perfect gift for pilots or aviation enthusiasts. We manufacture all of our watches and gifts in Canada to ensure that they are all made to our high quality standards.

In addition to our aviator watches, we make high quality nautical instruments as well. We make nautical barometers, thermometers, weather stations and more for boaters. Again, all of our products are made in our own facility so that we can guarantee our customer receive a superior product. 

We ship our products across the globe, including areas in the United States such as New York, New Jersey, California, across Canada from Ontario to British Columbia and out to the Maritimes, and also across Europe and more. No matter where you are ... if you like our watches, we’ll make sure you get one.

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